Life at home will be nicer with SEAV DOMUS

With SEAV DOMUS and with an Internet connection and the availability of a device that everyone always has available - a smartphone or a personal computer - the possibilities and the comforts of home can be fully expressed. With a single command tool, wherever you are, it will be possible, both locally and remotely, to control the temperature of the house and, if necessary, turn on the air conditioning or heating. Or view the security monitor cameras or turn on the house lights, or open or close the blinds and awnings. And much more. All the functions of safety, comfort and management in general will be at your disposal and ready to be activated with a simple click.

In short, SEAV DOMUS will put your home in the palm of your hand.

With SeavDomus you can...

  • switch on/off
  • control
  • control
    rulling shutters
  • control
  • control
  • view
    security cams

Available on the App Store
Android Version (beta)

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